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At Midway Transport we are general carriers who have established a business supplying and carting good quality stone for building and landscaping projects. We sell stone that is suitable for dry stone walling, gabion baskets, feature pieces for landscaping and much much more...below is a slideshow of the type of stone we supply.

  • Ideal feature stones for waterfall landscaping environments

  • Cabion wall with seat insert

  • A Stonemasons handy work

  • Look whats inside some of our rocks

  • Feature of old farm machinery, Kcee our dog and gabion rock

  • Volcanic drystone rock wall

  • Small volcanic rocks used in a dry stone wall

  • Merchants of good quality stone

  • All at competitive prices

  • Paddock rock of all sizes

  • Large Rock 

  • Walling Rock

  • Spawls

  • Gabion

  • Feature Rock Landscaping for Stone Masons

  • Blue Stone Basalt

  • Limestone


Supply and cart ex the farm or quarries

We quote Wholesale Prices for all types of stone & metal

Cartage and extraction with modern machinery